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house rules (Hausordnung)

We and your roommates ask you to behave considerately:
•    Smoking is prohibited in the entire building - smoking is only permitted at the smoking area at the back exit. - waste separation
•    Washing and drying laundry in the room is not allowed - please use the laundry room with dryer.
•    Do not throw wet wipes into the toilets.
•    Operate air conditioning only with closed window
•    When the window is open, the heating must be turned off or lowered.
•    When leaving the room, please switch off the light and close the window.
•    No bulky objects in the room to deposit (cartons, furniture, bicycles, etc. ) - Only park cars in the designated areas
•    Night rest from 22. 00 o'clock is to be kept in the sense of the other guests and neighbours, likewise the front doors are to be locked from 22. 00 o'clock
•    Foreign persons are not allowed to stay in the whole building.
•    Room cleaning Friday and Saturday - please remove all items from the room floor.
•    Please hang  the “not disturb" sign, if cleaning is not to be carried out.
•    Kitchen: clean used crockery and tidy up - leave kitchen clean after use
•    The refrigerator in the kitchen room is for short-term use only.
•    Fill in the “check-in list“ and deposit at reception when moving in your appartement

We ask you to abide by these rules. In case of infringements we reserve ourselves an immediate house prohibition without repayment, as well as for damage a fee raise. You can find these in our AGB's (hangout and Internet).

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